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Data Protection

Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L. is a company offering internet services, with a registered address at Ctra.Nacional 240, km 129, Binefar (Huesca) - Spain -. Detailed here is a LEGAL WARNING covering access and use, and the relationship between this service (hereinafter referred to as the WEB) available at http://www.seleccionadorasjomaga.com, and WEB users (hereinafter referred to as the USERS).


In order to improve the efficiency of the relationship between Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L and the USERS, Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L guarantees by this warning the privacy of the on-line services according to legal requirements and informs of its policy on protection of personal data, so the USERS can freely decide whether they want to provide Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L. with their personal data by means of the available electronic forms.

The USERS allow the use of these personal data to Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L. under this Protection of Personal Data policy.

Confidentiality in the automatic use of USERS' personal data.

Seleccionadorasjomaga.com guarantees confidentiality of the personal data given by USERS and its automatic use according to the valid legislation regarding the protection of personal data (Fundamental Law 15/99, December 13th, Protection of personal Data, Royal Decree 994/1999, June 11th, in which the safety regulations of automatic data files are approved, and also all the regulations applicable to this subject).

Seleccionadorasjomaga.com has adopted all the levels of safety for the protection of personal data that are legally required, and has installed all the technical means and measures available to avoid the loss, bad use, alterations, non-authorized access and theft of personal data shared. Despite that, the USER has to understand that internet safety measures are not perfect.

Personal data shared will be used and added automatically in data files used by Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L.

Seleccionadorasjomaga.com has the right to modify the actual policy in order to adopt to innovations or legal requirements, having in mind the legitimate interests of the customer or USER. Certain services offered in the WEBSITE can contain specific precautionary measures about protecting personal data.

Objective of automatic collection and use of personal data.

The automatic collection and use of USERS' personal data, an effect of surfing the WEB, has as the primary objective to keep the contractual relationship established between both, as well as the management, administration, lending, expansion and improvement for the USERS .

In any case, Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L will use the USERS' personal data for no other purpose than the ones describe above, except from previous warning in the WEBSITE giving reasonable time to the USER for opposition.

USERS’ rights in relation to their personal data

The USERS have the right to access, cancel, modify and oppose the use and disclosure of their personal data by means of a communication addressed to Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L at metaga@metaga.com.


Seleccionadorasjomaga.com will not assign any USERS' personal data which have been collected at its WEB to third parties without explicit consented of the USER. For this purpose, Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L will have previously offered the USER the possibility to accept or reject the assignment.

Seleccionadorasjomaga.com will explicitly inform the USER of the cession of their personal data to third parties, indicating identity and purpose of the grantees.


Exemption of responsibility for the WEBSITE availability:

Seleccionadorasjomaga.com gives its services and content in a continuous manner using all the technology available to be able to do this lending in a satisfactory way.

Seleccionadorasjomaga.com will correct, improve or modify the information on the WEBSITE, the SERVICES or the CONTENTS, whenever it's considered convenient. It won't affect any claims or compensations, and it won't involve recognizing any responsibility.

Seleccionadorasjomaga.com is not responsible from damages of any nature that can be derived from technological availability or continuity of WEBSITE use. In any case, Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L will carry on all the necessary actions to re-establish its services in case of technical problems.


Texts (news, concepts, opinions, and other similar texts) as well as graphic elements (design, logotype, source code, and similar elements) which conform the WEB and its presentation and arrangement, belong exclusively to Calderería y Silos Metaga S.L. or has the licensing rights of those elements by means of agreements with third parties.

Thank you for your trust. For questions or enquiries please email metaga@metaga.com, or call (+34) 974 430 912


Telf: +34 974430912
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